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Frontier Elementary

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What is pbis?

What is pbis?

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an approach to teaching and supporting positive behaviors and meeting the needs of ALL students. This school-wide approach to discipline focuses on building a safe and positive environment in which all students can learn. For PBIS to be successful, consistency is necessary.

The four expectations at Frontier are:

              • Be Safe

              • Be Responsible

              • Be Respectful

              • Be Kind

Teaching Expectations

Throughout the school year, students will be taught how to behave according to the four expectations. Teachers will help students learn what the expectations “look” and “sound” like in every setting during the school day. These lessons will be retaught and reinforced throughout the school year, and become a regular part of our instructional program.

Keeping it Positive!

Acknowledging and reinforcing positive behavior is one of the best ways to change inappropriate behavior and encourage appropriate behavior. Students can earn Golden Tickets for following School Wide Expectations!
Ask your child, “Did you earn a Golden Ticket today? If so, what did you do to earn it?”

Behavior Reporting Forms

Even with clear expectations and positive reinforcement, sometimes children will misbehave. To address inappropriate behavior, a Behavior Reporting Form has been implemented. Discipline issues are divided into major and minor infractions.
  • Major infractions are issues that result in office time. Parents/guardians will be notified by the principal or teacher about major infractions.
  • Minor infractions are behaviors that are disruptive to the learning environment, but are handled by the supervising staff member.
When a child repeatedly receives minors or majors, parents/guardians, teachers, support staff and the principal will meet to build an effective behavior intervention plan for that child.

Please support PBIS at Frontier by:

  • Reviewing behavior expectations with your child
  • Asking your child how his or her school day was
  • Join us at our Back to School Night
  • Keep in touch with your child’s teacher
  • Be a visible part of your child’s school day (attend meetings, volunteer)

Together we can achieve more!